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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Golz


University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden
Faculty of Informatics
Blechhammer 4-9 (street address)
98574 Schmalkalden

Tel.: +49 36 83 / 688 41 07
Fax: +49 36 83 / 688 44 99

E-Mail: Prof. Dr. Martin Golz

Homepage of the Professorship

Building / Room: B / 2.11
Visiting Hours: Wednesday 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Neuroinformatics and Signal Processing

Research: Adaptive Signal Analysis (Main Research at University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden)
Institute for System Analysis and Applied Numerics (ISAAN gGmbH)
Labs for Research Purposes:

Driving Simulation Lab
Vigilance Testing Lab
Eyetracking Lab

Running Research Projects: Technological Measures of Alertness Managements
Fatigue Monitoring Technologies
Microsleep Detection

Industrial Image Processing
Signal Analysis for Fibre Optics

Roadway Design (in German)

Teaching Informatics:
(Masters Course)

Methods of Neuroinformatics
Signals and Systems
Multivariate Statistics

Teaching Informatics:
(Bachelors Course

Pattern Recognition
Digital Technology

Teaching Business Informatics: ---
Labs for Teaching Purposes:

Technical Informatics (in German)

Membership in Internal University Committees: Research Commission
Functions in Academic Self-Administration: Research Coordinator of the Faculty

Journal papers
Walther LE, Repik I, Schnupp T, Sommer D, Hörmann K, Golz M (2011) Application of Artificial Neural Networks for the Analysis of Posturography Recordings (in German). HNO Laryngo-Rhino-Otologie, in press

Golz M, Sommer D, Trutschel U, Sirois B, Edwards D (2010) Evaluation of Fatigue Monitoring Technologies. J Somnol 14 (3) 187-9

Krajewski J, Batliner A, Golz M (2009) Acoustic Sleepiness Detection - Framework and Validation of a Speech Adapted Pattern Recognition Approach. J Behav Res Meth 41, 795-804

Golz M, Sommer D, Chen M, Trutschel U, Mandic DM (2007) Feature Fusion for the Detection of Microsleep Events. J VLSI Signal Proc Syst 49: 329-42


Book chapters

Golz M, Sommer D (2008) Automatic Knowledge Extraction: Fusion of Human Expert Ratings and Biosignal Features for Fatigue Monitoring Applications. In: Mandic D, Golz M, Kuh A, Obradovic D, Tanaka T (eds) Signal Processing Techniques for Knowledge Extraction and Information Fusion. Springer, New York: 297-314 (ISBN: 0-387-74366-9)

Golz M, Sommer D (2008) Feature Reduction in Biosignal Processing. In: Wang R, Gu F, Shen E (eds) Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics. Springer, New York: 705-9

Sommer D, Golz M (2006) A Comparison of Validation Methods for Learning Vector Quantization and for Support Vector Machines on Two Biomedical Data Sets. In: Spiliopoulou M, et al (eds) From Data and Information Analysis to Knowledge Engi­neering. Springer, Berlin: 150-7 (ISBN 3-540-31313-3)


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